Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to Choose a Web Hosting Plan

Whether you are an affiliate marketer looking to optimize your landing pages or you are a professional blogger looking for ways to enhance your WordPress-powered site, it pays to have good web hosting. Different people are going to have different needs, to be sure, but there are a few criteria that just about everyone will want to keep in mind.


When looking for the best web hosting, perhaps the most important characteristic is uptime. It doesn’t matter if all the other features are incredibly attractive if your site never loads reliably.

It can be difficult to determine the true reliability of a web hosting company without giving them a try for yourself, but you can look around the Internet for some reviews and feedback. This can give you some indication, but there will always be some individual differences with hosting experiences.


If you’re just starting out as a blogger, you can usually start out with one of the cheaper shared hosting plans. There are a number of providers who offer unlimited web hosting, but you have to take such claims with a grain of salt.

By definition, it is not possible for a web host to truly provide unlimited storage and bandwidth. The hard drive on the server is only so big. The server can only feed so much data at a time. However, the “virtually” unlimited plans will usually provide more than what most customers need.

If you expect relatively high levels of traffic for your site(s), then you may want to consider some beefier options. There are cloud-based hosting solutions, for instance, as well as dedicated servers and virtual private servers.


It really depends on the kinds of needs you have for your web hosting, but it pays to pay close attention to the features and compatibility of your chosen hosting plan. Do you need more than one MySQL database? Is the server compatible with your preferred software and content management system? Do you need multiple email addresses? Can you host more than one domain on a single account?


Many potential customers pay far too much attention on just the price of a hosting plan. It doesn’t matter if you manage to save a few bucks if you’ll ultimately be disappointed with what you get.

From customer service to bandwidth limits, uptime to feature sets, there’s a lot to think about before you give them your credit card information. You wouldn’t splurge on a new house without shopping around first, right? Why would your online real estate be any different?

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